Koekelare is a rural municipality inside the triangle of Diksmuide, Torhout and Gistel. The rural character and the vast landscape of the polders make this town the ideal surroundings for cycling and hiking.


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A paradise for cyclists and hikers

The surroundings of Koekelare are excellent for hiking and cycling. The well-signposted cycling and hiking trails lead you to picturesque villages and nearly forgotten places. We will be happy to provide you with more details or plan a tailor-made cycling or hiking route together. Renting a bike on the spot is easy. In the town of Koekelare there are many places of interest.

In the immediate surroundings you will find a lot of interesting sights and excursions. Have a look on the website of the municipality for more detailed information.

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The following places are definitely worth a visit:
the local brewery, the tourist and culture centre, ‘de Platse’, the Yves-Rhayé-room, the ‘Fransmanmuseum’ (museum of the Frenchmen), ‘de Hovaeremolen’ (mill), the Käthe Kollwitz museum, the ‘Lange Max’ museum, the music museum, ‘De Harmonie’, the ‘Poëziestraat’ (poetry street), Sala Thai, the St-Gertrudis church, the ‘Tuin van de Hoop’ (garden of hope)…


Its central location in the province of West Flanders makes Koekelare the perfect base to explore the area. Cultural cities such as Diksmuide, Bruges, Ostend are highly recommended. But also the smaller towns like Gistel, Torhout… are very much worth seeing.

We will give you a few suggestions.


Bruges, past and present are intertwined.


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Bruges is the capitol and the largest city of the Belgian province West Flanders. Bruges is a city with many facets, where past and present are interwoven. But above all, Bruges is the place to be for culture freaks. You will have a close look at “the Flemish Primitives” like Jan Van Eyck and Hans Memling. Visiting Bruges is a magical, unforgettable experience. A boat trip along the Bruges’ ”Reien” (canals) is not to be missed. Not only will you learn about the rich history of this fascinating historical city, you will also enjoy its vibrant city life and its countless cozy cafés, bars and restaurants.


Diksmuide, face to face with World War I


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Diksmuide is situated between the rivers Yser and the ‘Handzamevaart’. Diksmuide is known as the ‘butter town’, due to its flourishing dairy trade, which brought wealth to the town for ages. But the town is best known for its war history. A hundred years ago, the battle of the Yser took place around Diksmuide. This battle ended the mobile war and started the trench war. A visit to the Yser Tower and the many museums is highly recommended.


Gistel, the gateway to the ‘Westhoek’ (Western corner of Flanders)


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Gistel is located in the north of the province West Flanders and forms part of the district of Ostend. In the town centre there are a lot of shops between the market and the administrative centre. Gistel is the town of the Godelieve procession. Every year since 1459, the famous ‘Ommegang’ (procession) takes place. This procession is part of a range of cultural and sporting events during the week of the fair. Also, the ‘Dolle Dagen’ (mad days) and the Park festivities are real highlights. Gistel is sometimes called the mill town. The site around the ‘Oostmolen’ (east mill), a unique grain and oil mill, is a tourist attraction in the town centre. More information can be found in the visitor centre next to the ‘Oostmolen’.


North Sea


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Ostend, queen of the seaside resorts


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Ostend is an important tourist and economic centre at the Belgian seaside. Ostend is a modern seaside resort with a population of 70,000. A central city with a large shopping mall and a historical city centre. Visit the Mercator, an antique navy training vessel. In the Ensor House, you can experience the unconventional life of this world-famed artist. Enjoy a sunny terrace on the promenade, or test your luck in the Casino.